Standing up, day after day.
thinking one thing and doing another.

Questioning why one side showed itself to others,
the other subsisting on secrecy.
Unsure why one was accepted,
one seen with confusion and scorn.

Shaking hands, smiling,
following society in an odd dance.

Not truly disliking it nor feeling particularly genuine,
success and failure blending together, possessing qualities
worthy of praise and disdain both.

In this odd riddle of life,
constantly engaged in internal battle,
ideals and actions never in alignment, a
Question, floating about, understanding lacking on why
the two facets of life sat separate and in poor harmony.

Did the lack of connection exist as a societal consequence,
or stem from a weakness,
the kind that defines a person?

The misplaced sense of duty,
causing abandoned morals, replaced with practicality.

An ever widening gap, conjuring up the Walking Contradiction,
the ever bewildered Individual.

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