Scenes, running over and over in our heads,
making perfect and no sense at the same time.

Images, in full HD and color,
spinning behind our eyes,
distracting from the person in front.

Words and phrases, echoing in our ears,
said by people yesterday and tomorrow and a year ago,
constantly following us from place to place.

Dreams, stepping out of slumber,
chasing us through waking hours.
Ambitions, the children of dreams,
driving us, forcing our hands to run over the keys,
our feet over the ground,
our lives over the coals.

Difficulties, from past and present,
dog us daily in everything we do.
These turn life into a challenge,
and without them life turns into nothing,
into something meaningless.

Should the challenge be accepted?
Should life be conquered?
Or should we accept the malaise,
the meaningless of ease?


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