We spend much of our lives figuring out what we work for and what works for us. It is in my humble opinion that we have gone drastically astray in this pursuit.

All creations of Mankind should be in service to Mankind, and Mankind itself should be in service to our Creator.

What have we learned from this quarantine? One of the most poignant things that I think has come from this quarantine is not what we have learned, but what we have been forced to confront – we have known it to be true for a long time. Longer than we would like to admit.

We have been forced to confront the truth that one of the most powerful things that Mankind created – the common man – has been usurped, and does not work for us, but now works against us.

The Economy.

It is written like this because it has taken on the role of some sort of sick deity. It is said with the same gravitas and power as God. We expect it to take lives, in some sort of sick sacrificial ritual, not unlike the rituals in the Old Testament. We need to sacrifice our elderly and sick to the Invisible Hand of the Economy. Instead of sacrificing a goat, we are now expected to sacrifice our grandmothers, our grandfathers and our infirm.

With the modern sacrifice, however, the entity that reaps the reward has changed, just as the sacrifice has changed. Now, when we are expected to sacrifice not only our health, but our leisure, sanity and financial stability, the sacrificial smoke does not go up to the sky, but into the pockets of the rich. To the billionaires, the multi-millionaires and the politicians that they have in their pockets.

The economy is meant to be in the service of the common man and woman – the nurse, the landscaper, the mechanic and the teacher. It should not be in service to the shareholder, the CEO, the Wall-Street broker and the members of Congress, emboldening them to further and more heinous theft. And that is what they do – theft from the average worker, and from the working poor. Turning more and more into dependents, unable to take care of themselves, spending all their time fattening the pockets of others while their pockets grow ever lighter. Congress women and men, bought off by the oligarchs, taking power and independence away from subdivisions, inner city apartments and trailer parks, all the while consolidating it into mansions, high-rises and gated communities.

We have been forced to confront this fact that has been true far longer than just this quarantine. The only question left to us is – do we let this ever-cascading erosion of our health, wealth and sanity mount, or do we take it back? It needs to be taken back. We cannot ask for it, plead and beg for it, or hope for it to come back. That has failed time and time again. We must take it.

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