Awake and Empty,
looking at a Purple Sky,
filled with Orange Cream Clouds
and Ebony Faces.

touching the Brittle Grass,
Flowers shattering with a Breath.

standing, sitting, collapsing,
the Purple Sky whizzing overhead.

the White Sun blazes,
Blistering Ice upon Crowned Heads,
we must escape the Clear Cold,
so grab the Reins of the Faceted Steeds.

Galloping until the White Sun
crumbles into a Pulsating Moon.
the Mounts, exhausted, crumble -
their Remains floating to join the Stars.

our Transportation, crumbled and gone,
now left with only the Moon and Stars.
Where do we go now?

the Moon now sets,
yet the Sun does not show.
the Sky melts into the Land,
no Light left 'cept the Lumination of the Eyes.

a Ripple, a Shimmer and a Blast,
the Darkness vibrating with Bass
Sound without origin,
overflowing with Purpose.

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