From the morning moon to the evening sun, we can see contradictions in every beginning and ending, in every person and in a surprising amount of our own actions. When the beginning is the same every day, however, we notice nothing, placing ourselves into a routine. Sometimes, this is necessary in order to give our lives structure, while at other times it does nothing but kill our sense of variety and excitement for the new things in life. The interplay between the need for structure and the need for variety is something that permeates every area of life – some people need more of one and less of the other, a struggle personalized to each and every individual on the planet. Going too far to one end causes stagnation, while going too far in the other direction engenders chaos. What is interesting is that certain individuals need something approaching a guaranteed repetition of events in their lives if they are to function well, while others need an injection of chaos each and every day if they are to stay interested in the world around them.

Perhaps even more difficult than figuring out the balance of uncertainty and mundanity that allows us to proceed in through life in a healthy way is understanding why other people would choose to live their lives on a different path. While we may never understand why someone would want to live a life full of pandemonium or of an unchanging rigmarole, it is not difficult at all to understand the absolute necessity of both types of people in the world. It is the realm of change and innovation that the chaos-seekers inhabit, while those who seek a more routine life create the structure that allows us all to expect that our society will continue to function at least in a bearable way.

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